Monday, August 8, 2016

Deja Vu

We had a guest with us for the weekend. And while we mostly did what we do, and went where we go, we did so with a particular awareness of making sure we showed her particular things about our weekend experience, I guess much in the same way that you might take your city visitor to the Empire State Building and Central Park. What I noticed, however, as we traveled to our favorite country places, was that our guest seemed to be showing us as much as we were showing her. As we drove, she reminded us about how startling the country scenery and sky are. As we relaxed between adventures, she reminded us how special the space to spread out and the grass between your toes can be. As we got lost on winding country roads, she reminded us that getting lost is okay, as long as you have good company.

Sometimes, the things and places that we see all the time are completely different when we see them through someone else's eyes. What we have already seen (deja vu) is new again, because we are able to appreciate it as if for the first time. We may think that we are giving our guest the gift of sharing what is special to us, but it turns out that our guest actually gives us more of a gift--that of showing us all the things in our lives that we have forgotten to see.

Having a little deja vu? Maybe you have already seen, but chances are, it wasn't in quite the same way.

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