Sunday, August 28, 2016

If I'd...But...

If I'd left earlier, I wouldn't have had to spend money on a cab...but I wouldn't have said that one last goodbye.

If I'd slept more, I wouldn't have been as tired...but I wouldn't have seen a child's latest interest or most recent accomplishment.

If I'd gone alone, maybe I would have left quicker, or walked faster, or not have had to talk anyone into anything...but I would have missed out on my most honest conversation of the day.

If I'd spent more time getting dressed, or putting on makeup, or brushing my hair, perhaps I would have looked better for work...but I would have lost the time to talk to, to work with, to do for at home.

If I'd said "yes" more, maybe I'd be making more money, or having better titles, or climbing the proverbial ladder faster...but I would have had to say "no" to all sorts of things that matter.

For every "what if," that we might feel as though we should follow, there are multiple "but's" that remind us that what we do is often as important, or more so, than all the things we feel we should have done.

What if? We don't always know...but what is? Sometimes that's just as important.

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