Monday, August 1, 2016

Passing The Torch

You worry that you're not doing enough, not being around, not making yourself available. And then you see how much happens just fine--maybe even better--without you.

You worry that you haven't taught enough, listened enough, shared enough. And then you see how many ideas have grown all by themselves (perhaps with the help of the teaching and listening and sharing that you did do).

You wonder if you should have hovered more and yelled less. And then you discover that with or without the hovering or yelling, things have turned out just fine.

You fear that you haven't encouraged enough, accepted enough, understood enough. And then you learn that there will always be more encouraging, accepting, and understanding to do.

You think that maybe you haven't been the grownup often enough. And then you see that those little people you were the grownup for are managing just fine becoming grownups themselves.

You believe that there is so much left to do, and maybe there is. But you've done more than you think, and the torch is in good hands. 

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