Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Fixer

I see job postings all time for "fixers," people who facilitate a production company's work, generally in a remote location. They know the rules, know the people, know the lingo, and in general, they help get things done.

I have no aspirations of working as a "fixer" (my high school and college French and Latin wouldn't get me too far in most countries!), but I find that my role in day-to-day life is not actually all that different.

If a child is sick, I negotiate medicines and doctor visits.

If we are missing ingredients, I either find, buy, or substitute for what we need.

If there is writer's block (for me or for others in my household), I work on unblocking activities.

If there is discord, I provide humor.

If there is misunderstanding, I look for common ground.

If there is a language barrier (more common than you'd thing between family members who supposedly speak the same language), I translate.

Sometimes, in fact, quite often, "fixer" is not a paid position at all. But even for no pay, it is one of the most important jobs a person can do--whether for running a show, or for simply running a family.

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