Saturday, August 6, 2016


Years of school notebooks and papers made their way out of our home and into the recycling bin this week. Mine? No. Mine (well, at least some of them) are still alive and well in my childhood home. Thankfully, as we live in a NYC apartment, my children are much less attached than I am...

In a NYC apartment, you can't really hold on to every essay you ever wrote (even if your mom wants to hold on to every toddler sentence you ever scribbled).

In a childhood filled with Instagram and Snapchat, you're not used to saving forever. And, I suppose, you actually relish the thought of eliminating the reminders of moments you didn't really like that much anyway.

In a world that has Google, it will clearly be much easier to find a country's capital with a few keystrokes than with a search through several semesters worth of notes.

In a life that goes so quickly, sometimes it's just easier to store less and enjoy more.

Years of school papers and notebooks made their way out of our apartment and into the recycling bin this week. But the memories from them (well, at least the ones we'd like to remember) are still right where we left them.

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