Thursday, September 1, 2016


The headache screams "stop cleaning, there's enough dust already!" But there is more to be done.

The headache screams "sleep more!" But there is work time, and there is family time, and not always enough time for sleep.

The headache screams "be more careful what you eat!" But tasty foods beckon, and special occasions happen, and eating can be fun.

The headache screams "stop stressing, start breathing!" But there are things to ponder and things to decide, and some of them are stressful. And in the end, breathing still happens.

The headache screams, but sometimes, a headache is really just a headache. And even if I clean a little more and stress a little less, sleep a little more and eat a little less, it will go when it goes. And I will move on--not hearing the screaming all the time, but remembering to listen to it, at least once in a while...

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