Monday, September 12, 2016

Simple Gifts

A few days ago, a show that I worked on over a year ago aired on PBS. Working mostly in news these past few years, I have become used to fast turnaround, and to working on material that is relevant in the moment, but not far beyond that moment. So, when I heard that the product of my several day location shoot so long ago was going to air, I'll admit, I was pretty excited.

Through many years in soaps, I didn't always keep track of air dates. After all, in a medium in which material was shot so out of order, it was hard enough to keep track of shoot dates and storyline days. Still, when I had worked on something special, I was curious about the response when it aired. With the PBS shoot, though, I knew that the finished product would take time, so I enjoyed the process (one of the most enjoyable shoots I've worked), and then went back to my regular life. Not only was it in Kentucky, worlds removed from my regular life, but it was one of those jobs that come along from time to time but don't pay the monthly bills. It was a week of hard work, heartfelt blogs, and pure satisfaction in doing what I do. And then it was over.

This week, the results of my labors, and of the even bigger labors of others involved, made it to air. And seeing that reminds me why I do what I do, why I stay in the game, whatever the game is this week or this month or this year.

On Live From Lincoln Center, the show was called Simple Gifts. And what a gift it was to me too.

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