Thursday, September 15, 2016

Pushing Through

I still remember the words of one of my earliest producers--"you're out for the week." I had coughed my way through early morning rehearsal, and probably looked terrible. As has continued to be my M.O., I was intending to work right through what that time turned out to be bronchitis. I argued with her--it wasn't that bad, I said. But she held firm, and for a week, I padded around my apartment. It was one of a very few times when I gave in and missed work. And if she hadn't forced the issue, I have a feeling I would have kept barreling (and coughing) right through.

And so it is that the week's whole Hillary Clinton pneumonia uproar has really struck a chord with me. I, too, still go to work, even when I am coughing. I, too, still do the necessary errands and pickups, even when a fall or a strain has pummeled me. I, too, say "yes," even when it might be a whole lot easier to say "no."

Am I right? Who knows? All I know is that that is the way I roll, and, I would venture to say, how many of the people I know roll too. Obstacles are obstacles, not complete roadblocks. Challenges are challenges, not invitations to failure. Life goes on, and if we don't push through to go on with it, we miss things. And I for one would rather not miss anything.

So I push through, as often as I can, and I can't help but understand, and respect, the people who do the same. There will be times when I have to accept "you're out for the week." In the meantime, you will find me, very much "in" for the week, pushing through.

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