Saturday, September 3, 2016

Last Week

After months of counting weeks, it is down to the last one--the last week to fill, the last week to accomplish (or feel no need to accomplish), the last week to sleep late, the last week to...

It is undeniable--the start of school will change us all--it will define our schedules and our priorities. It will, perhaps, squash our freedom and monopolize our time. Yet, as I ready the calendar and prepare the supplies, I begin to see that while it will take away certain opportunities, it will almost certainly present new ones. While it will take away certain friend time, it will almost certainly create built-in friend time. While it will present tough challenges, it will almost certainly present great successes as well. While it will ask for more focus, it will also give us new focus.

So, as we face this "last week," whether we're scrambling to do as much as possible, or perhaps trying to do as little as possible, I remind myself that this last week is really a bunch of steps from now to then, from here to there. We might as well just enjoy taking them--quickly, or slowly, or somewhere in between. Because soon, this last week will just be last week.

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