Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What Freelancing Buys

Having worked one version or another of freelance for most of my career, I ponder every so often how my life differs from the lives of my friends who are, and have mostly always been, staff employees. From where I sit, at least today, freelancing buys...

...all the "I need" and "I want" items that being out of work means you can't buy.

...the stress of if you'll work, when you'll work, and how much you'll work.

...the need to say "yes."

...the ability to say "no."

...working on a variety of projects.

...not working (at least sometimes) on your birthday or the first day of school, if that's what you want.

...working on weekends (at least sometimes), whether that's what you want or not.

...insecurity, when you compare it to being staff.

...security, when you compare it to being unemployed.

...new people, some of the time.

...new challenges, most of the time.

...new chances, all of the time.

Hmm...how's that balance sheet looking...?

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