Monday, September 19, 2016

Week End

It used to be that weekends were all ours. Between weekday work, and kids who were young enough that we could plan their schedules for them, we could pretty much choose how the weekends would go.

But times change, and these days, our weekends are a constant negotiation. Will we be working? Will one or more of our kids have a school project or a weekend class? Will we all agree on how to spend our down time?

And so it happens that the weekends become just an extension of the week, rather than a break from it. But this weekend, times and commitments (or lack of commitments) converged, and we accomplished an actual weekend--a real break from the mundane week. Was it an earthshattering adventure? Not really. It was simply a little time out of time, a chance to escape from one week and regroup for the next, an opportunity to be away and together. Such a weekend may not happen again for a long time--it is not often that all the necessary factors converge. But this weekend, we enjoyed a much-needed break. This weekend, we enjoyed each other. This weekend, we were reminded, just a little, what a weekend can do. And perhaps now, we are a little more equipped to start a new week.

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