Thursday, June 25, 2015

Back On The Bike

No, this is not a tribute to bike-sharing. Though the idea impresses me, I am far from comfortable with putting myself on two wheels in among the cars and buses on the New York City streets. I am, however, on Day 3 of a return to the exercise bike. With school schedules winding down, a window of time presented itself, and I climbed through. So, each morning, for the last three, I have donned my gym clothes and spent a half hour with a stationery bike and "Law and Order." And, lo and behold, despite too much time away, I can do it. I may feel "doing it" later in the day, but I can do it. And each day, I wake up determined to do it. I may have been away, but having gone back, I am determined to be back.

I know--a habit that evaporates with the change in seasons isn't much of a habit. As enthusiastic as I am now, I know that I am filling hours that won't exist in quite the same way come September. But I also know that you can't always make your decisions based on "what will be." Sometimes, you have to make your decisions based on "what is." This week, I have the time and the energy to spend on the exercise bicycle and "Law and Order," and it feels good. Next week, or next month, that could all change. Will it mean that I have started something worthless? An exercise routine that will be routine for just an instant? Hard to say. Because sometimes, we have to get back on the bike without worrying where our pedaling will take us. Sometimes, we need to pedal because it is the right thing now, no matter where we end up tomorrow.

So, for today, I am back on the bike. Pedaling forward, as fast as I can. Because you never quite know what will happen tomorrow, so you may as well ride as far as you can today.

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