Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ten Dollar Bag

Every so often, there is a tag sale with a gimmick--"buy one, get one free," "free stuff for kids"--you name it. Today, we happened upon one at which for ten dollars, you could fill a bag. The bag was not huge, but with careful placement, we managed to fit eighteen items in our bag, meaning that for less than sixty cents per item, we came home with a bag of newly found treasures.

Now, for people used to putting down just a few dollars at a time at such sales, the thought of a ten-dollar bag can be met with a moment of "Should we?" Clearly, when you do the math, the result is far better than fifty-cent odds and ends. Yet, it takes a leap of faith to go for the ten dollar bag. Will the return be worthy of the investment?

What we discovered, of course, once home, was that, as with many of the investments we make in life, the leap was well worth it. For ten dollars, we now had close to twenty new items, most of which were worth far more than the amount we had paid. As we filled our bag, we didn't quite know. But the reality is, when you "fill your bag" throughout life, you don't always know. You make your investment, big or small, of money, or of time, or of talent, and you hope that your choices have been good ones. Whether it's a ten dollar bag, or a much pricier risk, sometimes we just can't know until we fill up our bag. And sometimes, taking the risk can give us some of the best finds of our lives.

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