Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Energy Efficient

Even for people who seem to possess boundless energy, there is a limit. We can dedicate ourselves to a variety of causes and a variety of people, but all of our dedication has to fit into finite periods of time. We can use whatever energy we have, but energy too is finite, making it important to choose wisely about what endeavors we "plug in" to. Just as our dishwasher, which we hardly notice, and our air conditioner, which we often feel we can't live without, take more running energy than just about anything else in our homes, the parts of our lives that sap our energy are varied, and sometimes not entirely clear. When we come home from work, are we exhausted because we worked so hard, or because we spent the day dealing with gossip and baggage and the latest stresses of individuals or the group? When we are dealing with the business of running a family, are we worn out because there is so much to do, or because of the constant negotiation between available opportunities and available funds? Are we tired from being up late with our kids, or are we just tired from handling their drama?

Managing our energy isn't necessarily about not doing. Just as we wouldn't just stop using our air conditioner or our dishwasher, we don't have to pull back from everything in order to maintain our energy for the important things. We simply need to be energy efficient. Rather than allowing our energy to go toward drama and gossip and baggage, we can choose to put it toward actual accomplishment. Rather than getting caught up in discussions that go in circles, we can choose to focus elsewhere while waiting for the outcomes of the circles.

Being energy efficient isn't just about "buying the right appliances." It's about making the choices that save our energy for the important things. And that is a "purchase" we can decide on each and every day.

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