Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What We Want...And What We Want

We crave the sleep that early wake-ups take from us, yet we miss the regularity of the alarm when it is gone.

We long for a break from school or work, yet we are lost a little in a sea of newly free time.

We bemoan the degree of busy that keeps us from having the time to do things, yet once free of the busy, we struggle to get things done.

We buckle a bit under the stress of an exciting assignment or show, yet we long for an assignment or show the minute we don't have one.

We wish we could just sit still, yet within moments of sitting, we are bored and looking for what to do.

We seek a break from constant challenge, yet we seem in constant search of the next challenge.

We want the security of full-time, yet we can't help but enjoy the flexibility of freelance.

We say we can't bear constant structure, yet we flounder in our unstructured time.

We insist that we are making change, yet we find ourselves often no different.

We swear that we will do better by ourselves and others, yet we become stuck in routines and patterns.

We want what we want, we do what we do, we get what we get. And we hope that somehow, they all balance out...

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