Monday, June 15, 2015

Life Skills, Part 1

A few things that seem kind of useful in the world...

1. Tying your shoes.
2. Zipping your own jacket.
3. Swiping a Metrocard (NYC only).
4. Brushing your teeth.
5. Turning on just the right amount of cold and just the right amount of hot.
6. Buckling your seat belt.
7. Frying an egg (or at least pouring a bowl of cereal).
8. Knowing the rules to a few card games.
9. Making (without burning) toast, because sometimes bread should be crispy.
10. Plunging a toilet.
11. Peeling an avocado (and an orange, an apple, and a potato).
12. Writing (and rewriting) a résumé.
13. Having a plan (and another, and another).
14. Saying "I'm sorry."
15. Accepting "I'm sorry."
16. Bouncing back.
17. Moving on.
18. Forging ahead.

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