Thursday, June 18, 2015


Back at work, which feels good, but requires new juggling.

Back from time away, during which I glimpsed a different pace of life and a different set of daily tasks.

Back against a wall of money to be made, work to be done, things to be proved.

Back with people I like.

Back in a place where there is a desk at which to sit, a roadmap for the day, a place where I'm supposed to be.

Back out in the world, after days spent inside so as not to spend money.

Back away from the bad. Step toward the good.

Back to doing what comes easily.

Back instead of forward?

Back in the game, even when I'm not always sure what the game is.

Back up after feeling knocked down.

Back down after reaching higher up.

Back among the busy, after sometimes feeling like the lazy.

I guess it's rarely enough just to say you're "back." Because "back" means a lot more than I ever imagined...

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