Friday, June 19, 2015

Daytime Drama

On the days I end up at home, doing mundane chores and errands, I long for a little drama.

On the days that are filled with drama, whether genuine life drama, or just overwrought work or life baggage drama, I long for the simplicity of mundane chores and errands.

Why is it that we are never quite satisfied with what we are handed? Maybe sometimes, we really don't know what we want. We chase, because there are things to be chased. We pursue, because we want more, and better, more flexible, and more secure. We tweak, because we want new adventures, but with the stability of everyday routines. We adjust, because rarely does anything really match up to what we need, emotionally or logistically.

Maybe that's why soaps worked so well as five day a week endeavors. There could be days on which the drama was intense, but there could also be days that simply advanced the characters a little, but did little to advance the plot.

Like it or not, we grow both on the dramatic days and on the not so dramatic ones. The mundane ones allow us to rest a little (if we let them), and force us to dream beyond the daily routines. The dramatic days stretch our abilities and expand our view, opening us to new challenges to come. So, if we simply view our lives as a daytime drama, with a mix of slow days and cliffhanger days, it all mostly works. Routine every day would wear us down, and cliffhangers every day would likely wipe us out. I guess it's a good thing that daytime drama gives us a mixture of both.

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