Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day Training

Will eating a good breakfast fuel your day's bumpy ride?

Will pedaling faster on the exercise bike prepare you to outrun your competition all day?

Will scrubbing the counter teach you how to erase all the events that you don't want to remember and reflect on the ones that you do?

Will closing your eyes tight change what you see when you open them again?

Will using every minute give you more minutes to use?

Will trying to satisfy everyone leave you satisfied?

Will fighting through make you a stronger contender?

While I can't say that I exercise so that I can outrun or clean so that I can see more clearly, I would like to believe that these things matter. And while I can't satisfy everyone, I am quite sure that every minute I use well gives me a few extra ones along the way. Each thing we do matters, whether its effects are direct and visible or not. We may not open our eyes to something brand new. But we can become stronger and faster and more satisfied--once we realize that every bit of "training" we do each day makes a difference.