Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New Week, New Start

It's Monday again, same as always. Except it isn't the same. This particular Monday, I've decided, is going to be the start of not just a week, but of something new.

Isn't that always the problem with Mondays--that they are just a return from the adventure of the weekend to the mundane normalcy of the week? And who would choose "mundane normalcy" over "adventure?" So, if we are able to view Monday as not a return, but a new start, we can automatically change how we feel about it, right?

I woke this morning with just such an idea. It didn't hurt that I was without definite work--there's nothing like a little uncertainly to make you want to start over. It continued with an attempt at new approaches. There's nothing like the feeling that what you're doing isn't quite working to motivate a few new approaches. And it finished...Well, I can't say that my "new week, new start" actually started much of anything new. It may be easy to think about something new, but it is far harder to get the world to play along.

Today didn't end all that differently from any other Monday, but its start reminded me that Monday doesn't always have to be a return. Sometimes, instead, Monday can be a start. The start of a new week, the start of a new idea, the start of thinking differently or doing differently, or simply being someone a little different than the person you left on Friday.

I can't say whether this week will really be new or any different than any other week. But because I began it with the idea of a new start, perhaps I've got a fighting chance. Because Monday's not just a day to return. It's a day to start something new. And not just the week.

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