Thursday, July 2, 2015

It Still Matters

Just when you think you must be way too far removed from where you started for that to make any difference, you realize it still matters.

Just when it seems that the kind words or the covering for or the little bit of mentoring or friendship are forgotten, you are reminded that they still matter.

Just when you begin to believe that all the things you learned aren't relevant anymore, you face situations that make it clear that those things still matter.

Just when you think your words are obsolete and your work ethic is something no one appreciates any more, you discover that both still matter.

Just when you're close to writing off your past because you think you have to in order to look to your future, you find out that your past still matters.

Just when you're ready to give up on doing what feels right, you see that what feels right still matters.

Just when you begin to believe that "who you know" can't possibly help you, because who even remembers you, you hear from someone who reminds you that "who you know" still matters.

Just when you're convinced that you can't possibly write another pithy cover letter that goes into the abyss, you receive email confirmation that your pithy (or powerhouse or witty) words still matter.

Just when you stop walking forward because it feels as though your steps get you nowhere, you hear a voice from behind you, or in front of you, or beside you whispering "it still matters."

It still matters.

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