Saturday, June 28, 2014

Getting Ahead...Falling Behind

We all spend our days trying to get ahead, right? Ahead in our careers, ahead on life tasks, ahead for our kids. Unfortunately, sometimes there's a very fine line between ahead and behind. A few examples...

Ahead is getting up early to accomplish things before other people wake up. But when you can't stay awake and end up re-waking to a house of chaos, you are most definitely behind.

Ahead is having screen in hand at night to write a blog post early. Behind is being led to use that screen to play a video game you don't even understand with your child.

Ahead is working hard all day, every day. Behind is realizing that what you've accomplished isn't always enough.

Ahead is buying fresh fruits and vegetables so that you and your family can eat healthy. Behind is having to throw many of them away because they spoil before anyone can eat them.

Ahead is making a schedule. Behind is straying from the schedule so much that all you're left with is a list of things undone.

Ahead is getting home on time (whatever "on time" means today). Behind is realizing that since you didn't plan dinner in the morning, "on time" arrival won't result in "on time" dinner.

Ahead is having the wisdom to buy more milk in the morning. Behind is realizing afterward that you are out of eggs too.

Ahead is giving clear instructions about things that need to be done. Behind is falling asleep before making sure they are done. And imposing no penalties when they're not. And finding yourself doing them the next day.

For every few steps ahead, there always seem to be a few more behind. Clearly, I have to work on my directional skills. That is, when I get ahead enough to have time.

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