Wednesday, August 27, 2014

As If...Suddenly

Sometimes, you can go through things feeling as if you are all alone. As if no one can feel how you feel. As if, even if you used to have a spot where you fit, the fit isn't quite right anymore. As if your work and your words don't have the same effect as they used to. As if you can never really explain why A isn't connecting to B, and why how you are beginning isn't getting you to the right ending.

And then suddenly, you talk to a friend who understands, or a co-worker who feels what you feel. Suddenly, words that it seems as though you have said a thousand times are heard, and appreciated. Suddenly, a step you've taken actually opens the door on which you knocked. Suddenly, the joke you tell makes somebody laugh, and the words of help you offer actually help someone. Suddenly, the creative juices you couldn't get to flow are there again, as if they'd never left. Suddenly, you are seen the way you'd like to be seen.

And suddenly, it's as if the feeling of alone was just a moment in time.

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