Thursday, August 28, 2014


How many hours of how many days do we spend looking for something better? Better body, better job, better wardrobe--no matter where we are now, it seems that we always feel there's something better out there.

There's nothing wrong with self-improvement. If we go to the gym or eat healthier foods to have a better body, we win. If we take a course or read a book to know or understand our field (or another field) a little more, it can't help but make us better. "Better" is a good thing, right?

Striving to BE better is a good thing. Where we get stuck, I think, is in believing that where we're not is better than where we are--in forgetting to be grateful for what we have because we're so busy looking for something better.

Am I suggesting that we settle? Absolutely not. There are always changes that can be made and improvements that will, well, improve us, and our lives. But when we focus only on the improvements and the changes, only the "better," we risk messing up the "pretty good" that we already have, and in the long run, that doesn't make ANYTHING better.

So, go ahead--work at being better. Just don't forget that you might already have it pretty good.

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