Saturday, August 16, 2014

Visiting Hours

The last in a long string of out of town guests have departed, leaving us one step closer to the normalcy that will soon become a school year filled with early mornings and tight schedules and packed lunches and "what should we make for dinner?" It's scary, a little, and sad, because we miss them and the excitement they brought. While family life never really lacks excitement of one kind or another, there is a specialness that comes with visitors that we can never quite match with just ourselves. In the last few months, we have learned a little about France and a little about Israel, a little about Florida and California, and a little about people we mostly know from emails. And we have escaped a little from the normalcy of life.

So, now we return, to a daily life filled mostly with each other and a daily schedule filled mostly with meals at home and conversations only about New York. Back to normalcy. Which, I suppose, is not the worst thing. Until the next visit.

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