Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nap When You Can, Focus When You Have To

Sometimes on days when I am not working, I wonder how it is that I have the time and energy to work as hard as I do. On work days, I somehow manage to survive without the "nap item" that I have talked about (but never succeeded in) adding to a production day. Yet, when I am not working, it seems that there ought to be nap items SEVERAL times a day.

Perhaps our bodies just adapt to what we expect of them. When we are working, we expect ourselves to stay alert and active, ready to face any challenge, and to fit all the non-work necessities into the bits of time we have left. When a whole day without as many clear-cut responsibilities is upon us, is it so surprising that our bodies jump at the chance to take it down a notch? To relax a little from focusing and achieving?

The trick, as I see it, is to embrace the bit of relaxation without taking our eye off the ball. For, while not resting when we have the chance is a waste, napping right through what might be our next big opportunity or accomplishment is no better.

Perhaps kids have the right idea--they grab on to the freedom of their summers as long as possible, knowing full well that when summer ends, there will be plenty of focus, and plenty of accomplishment.

So, if you have a few days, or even a few hours, make sure not to waste them--nap, or plan, or just de-focus for a bit. Once you're back on the job, you'll be doing what needs to be done--and you may not get the chance.

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