Friday, August 15, 2014

Brand New Year

A year ago, I was closing out the online soaps, traveling to Connecticut on what felt like a random series of days to screen the last of the shows re-edited for OWN and create "asbroads," scripts that matched as closely as possible the video that would air. It was an iffy time, going to a place that was emptier and emptier each day that I arrived, knowing that any day, my trips there would be done.

And then, like a package from the sky, Arise landed on my doorstep (actually on my cell phone). It was new--because it was news. It was scary--because it was new and was through a friend's reference. It was confusing--because new things frequently are. But it was exhilarating in the way that new and scary and confusing things often turn out to be.

And now, as if in the blink of an eye, a year has passed. A year since those last melancholy days in Connecticut. A year since that "what will I do now?" feeling was setting in. A year of getting comfortable and resisting getting comfortable and getting comfortable again. A year of learning and finding out how much I still have to learn. A year of moving forward. Of moving on.

It's funny how at each stage, you're not quite sure how you'll make it through, only to find that you've made it through when you weren't even looking. And the weeks pass, until you're looking back at a whole year.

And each day, in some way, starting a brand new one.

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