Monday, August 18, 2014

Long-Term Connections

Last night, a former colleague of mine won a Creative Arts Emmy for her work on The Sound of Music Live. As excited as I was a few months ago to win an Emmy for my One Life to Live online work, I found myself equally excited to hear her news (and to see the lead-up, as she actually dressed up and went to the event, rather than watching on a phone, as I had on Daytime Emmy night).

One of the best things about having worked in places for extended periods of time (a rare occurrence these days) is that you form connections that stay with you. Sure, there is networking potential in these connections, but there is also the connection that just makes you happy when someone you know wins an Emmy, or starts work on a show you've heard of (or haven't!), or has a baby. Working someplace for a while isn't just about an ongoing paycheck that is not dependent on constant hustling (though that is an undeniable benefit). It is about developing something that lasts, often well beyond the life of the project.

I am so excited about my friend's Emmy win. It is a reminder of how much there is to look forward to out there. And a reminder of how much years past connect me to life now.

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