Monday, August 25, 2014

Re: Summer Sundays

All over the country, kids have already gone back to school. Not so here, and yet, Summer Sundays are leading us there. I can just feel it.

What distinguishes a Summer Sunday?

1. Re-turn. As I traveled home, I needed only look around a little to see that what people do on a Summer Sunday is return from where they've been. And get ready to return to their normal weekday routine.

2. Re-store. I am not so good at this one. In an ideal world, part of a Summer Sunday is restoring order in your surroundings so that you start the week with the home organization to back you up. The frequent delays in return can easily make this a challenge.

3. Re-fresh. The changing of your brain to ready it for your weekday challenges. Whether you're working or unemployed, there will DEFINITELY be weekday challenges.

4. Re-new. Hopefully, the weekend leading up to that Summer Sunday will have made you feel like a new person. Unfortunately, sometimes that means a new person who has to go back to an old life.

5. Re-peat. Perhaps your Summer Sunday is one in a whole season of Summer Sundays. Perhaps it is something you repeat just once a year. Either way, it feels as though you've been there before, but are still perfecting all your "re's."

6. Rest, relaxation, and respect. Hopefully you come out of your Summer Sunday having gotten a little of the break you've needed, and a healthy respect for both the rest and for the weekday life to which you're coming back. After all, there aren't many Summer Sundays left. You may as well make the most of them.

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