Sunday, November 15, 2015

In The Thick Of It

My son is elbow deep in goo--papier-mâché goo, that is (thanks, spell-check for the backup on that one). With help from online instructions and some pretty entertaining DIY videos on YouTube, he has transported me back to a childhood I don't even remember having. Did I ever even make anything out of this magical concoction of flour and water and newspaper, or is the reality that I only ever heard about it?

In any case, I can't help being slightly amused by the goo and his immersion in it, and before long, my hands are almost elbow deep as well. In a life that usually has our fingers create with only the keyboards of our smartphones, immersion in goo is a refreshing change.

The goo event has come about because of a school assignment--perhaps that has always been the case with papier-mâché. What I am curious to see is whether this adventure in goo leads to more of them. The making of something out of nothing, the willingness to get a little messy and discover things you never did before. With papier-mâché creators offering online videos just like gamers, perhaps what started as a school project will become a kind of hobby. For today, I'm just enjoying being in the thick of it.

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