Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Today, on the daylight end of an overnight at work, I had coffee with an old friend. We'd kind of grown up in soaps together--only rarely on the same show, but connected throughout the years nonetheless. She apologized for keeping me from the nap she could see I desperately needed, to which I replied that the nap would come (and she'd know when as soon as I wasn't making much sense any more!). And so it was that for an hour, we recalled old times and discussed what new times meant for people with our history. We caught up on the children who were just infants in our soap days. We remembered old colleagues and did a little "where are they now?" And we shared thoughts of "where do we go from here," an inevitable question in the changing world of New York production.

When the hour was up (and it was very clearly time for my nap), I walked away with the warm feeling of having reconnected with a friend, a past, a former self. I walked away with the inspiration of seeing how someone else had handled some of the same challenges in different ways. And I walked away with new burst of energy for my next few days, months, and years.

Perhaps, because of the time spent and the sugar consumed (I do try to avoid actual caffeine pre-nap), I ended up with less sleep than I needed. But I came away with much more. Re-connection can be an eye-opening thing...

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