Saturday, November 7, 2015

Piece of My Mind/Peace of Mind

It can be hard when you care. Whether it's caring about your work, and how you do it, or caring about your family, or simply caring about the people around you, whether you touch them directly or not, caring can leave a person confused, off-balance, vulnerable.

And so it is that when we care, we speak up--or we don't. We stand up for what we believe--or we don't. We express what we think--or we don't. Because sometimes, it feels hard, or harsh, to give the world a piece of our mind. Sometimes, it feels that we will lose something if we speak up too much, stand up too much, express ourselves too much.

But sometimes, it is only when we give a piece of our mind that we can truly find peace of mind. When we are willing to speak up for what we believe, we find the peace of having tried. When we are willing to stand up for what we need, we have the peace of having ventured. When we are willing to express ourselves, we can truly be at peace with ourselves.

It doesn't always make sense to give the world, or anyone in it, a piece of our mind. It can be exhausting and frustrating and futile. But when we do it from a place of need, a place of knowing who we are, a place of holding on to who we want to be, we can find the peace of mind that makes it all worthwhile.

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