Saturday, January 16, 2016

...And Things Change...

I suppose there is nothing so earth-shattering about that--it probably could have been a subtitle to "Not Washed Up Yet." After all, I have spent the last few years talking essentially about change--new work situations, new life challenges, new views of the world. And how it is that I, and all of us, adapt to the changes that face us every day.

Yet, as many changes, big and small, as I have managed to manage, I am still learning how. I may not feel every change in my schedule as deeply as I once did, but there's still a little gasp when four days become just three, or when a day off becomes a day working. I may have experienced more kid ages and stages than before, but I still find myself up against attitudes and situations that feel brand new. I have been balancing  motherhood and freelancehood for what seems like a long time now, but it remains a balance that needs constant care and attention.

So I guess that's just how it is. For a moment or two, perhaps things stay the same. But for the rest of of the moments, they change. And if we are to remain "not washed up," it is up to us to handle the big changes and the small with the same adaptability, the same determination, and the same grace with which we handle every job interview, every new social situation, and every birthday.


Things change. Lucky for us, we can learn to change too.

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