Thursday, January 14, 2016

Another Year, Another...

Another year has come and gone since the last episode of One Life to Live aired on ABC. Another year since I made my way out into my new world. Another year since the winter of "what next?" really began.

It is hard not to feel a little melancholy--about the livelihood that went away for so many, about the stories no longer being crafted, about the place and the people no longer a daily part of my life. Anniversaries, I suppose, will do that. But as I marvel at the fact that it has been four years--the length of a high school or college stint, the length from infancy to pre-K--I have to celebrate all that has happened in four years. Alongside melancholy and despair, there have been discoveries of new skills, hours for new friendships, and time for new personal and family adventures. Because one thing went away, others came about. Because I had to look elsewhere, I was able to see things I wouldn't otherwise have noticed.

Four years have passed, and in one way or the other, I suppose we have moved on. I guess it's just a yearly reminder that there can be more than one life to live...

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