Saturday, January 30, 2016

Out To Lunch

I don't go out for lunch. When I am working, it's much easier to eat at my desk. When I am not working, I can't justify the expense. So I do coffee, and the occasional dinner, and otherwise, some leftovers and a lunchbox make me very happy.

Today, however, the hours lined up to lunch out--with my son. He too tends to lunch in--whether it's school cafeteria food or packed pasta and snacks or Mac and cheese in the comfort of home, he happily shuns sitting in restaurants. But it was lunchtime, and a half day of school, and it just seemed like a good day for it. So after some negotiation, and some decision making (we non-lunch-outers aren't used to on-the-spot lunch choices), we found ourselves at a counter with smoothies and a sandwich. Was it gourmet food? Not really. Was it elegant in any way? Nope. But in our break from our normal routine, and in our time together, we found a half hour of comfort and reinvigoration for the rest of our day.

I suppose it is a bit like walking unencumbered after carrying something heavy, or like sleeping for a long time after many sleepless nights. We can appreciate things more fully when we have been without them. We can enjoy a simple half hour because it is suddenly something special.

I will probably still be a lunch in kind of person. But today's lunch reminded me how healing a little day out to lunch can be.

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