Sunday, January 24, 2016

Our Little Part

It would, I suppose, be hard to talk about today without talking about the snow. After all, in my eight-plus hours at work, it was the subject of most of the packages edited, and the content that filled almost all the monitors in a room full of video feeds. There is, I suppose, not much more compelling than a force of nature that affects so many people.

I traveled to work in the snow--by bus, by train, and on foot. And I traveled home in the snow--by train and on foot, because the buses had stopped. And perhaps I was among the lucky few, with not a crazy long way to go. Was I glad to be warm and dry and indoors at the end of all of it? Of course. But for my hours at work, and during my hours traveling to and from, I was also glad to be a part of it--a part of experiencing it, and a part of getting the video about it out into the world. Perhaps I could have been just as happy with a couch and a blanket and a cup of cocoa all day, but for today, I did a little more. Nowhere near as much as all the plow drivers and sidewalk shovelers trying to keep up, but my little part in the storm.

And sometimes, our little part is all we can do.

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