Tuesday, January 5, 2016

There Are Advantages

There are advantages to working overnight--at 8am, you've already worked and still have a whole day ahead of you (even if it is an extremely fuzzy-headed day).

There are advantages to vacation being over--schedules to support you, and time apart, and new adventures (though all accomplished with way too much stress and not nearly enough sleep).

There are advantages to cleaning your closets--a feeling of accomplishment and added space (though all amidst a cloud of dust and sneezes that shake your whole body).

There are advantages to cooking dinner at home--money saved, and ingredients used, and the cathartic effects of cracking and beating and kneading, and control over what's going in your body (all finished off with the joy of washing more pots and dishes than will ever realistically fit in the dishwasher).

There are advantages to having been out of work--appreciation for the work you have, improved awareness of how things work and don't work, increased compassion for people around you (and, of course, the now forever feeling that you are always on the edge of your next moment out of work).

It is, I suppose, important to recognize the advantages in everything--whether you've chosen it or not. Just beware of those parentheses...

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