Tuesday, January 19, 2016

You Learn Something New Every Day...And Night

It feels good to know what you are doing. It is a feeling that often comes with being in a place or a role for a long time. It is a feeling that comes from learning and listening and doing. And in an ideal world, it is a feeling that grows day by day.

Having been freelancing in one place for a few months now, I have been feeling pretty good about knowing what I am doing. But as a freelancer who works all sorts of shifts, I am reminded almost daily that there is always more to learn. And more important, there are always more people from whom to learn. And that, more so than any skill set or production process, is what keeps it interesting.

Early this morning, I worked a shift I never had before. Though I had overlapped with the shift, I had never looked that closely. So today, over the course of eight somewhat sleepy hours, I learned a new sequence of events and some new skills. And because I learned them from someone new, I acquired them complete with a few new ways to think. For, you see, many people may perform the same task. Many people may have the same set of "marketable skills"'on their resumes. But no two people do a task exactly the same way with exactly the same thoughts. So if we are able to watch all the different ways and understand all the different thoughts, that is when we really learn.

I learned a few "something new's" today. From a few "someone new's." And sometimes, that's the very best way to learn.

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