Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hours Well Spent?

Today, I did some at-home editing for a friend. It is not always easy to fit in anything that doesn't check either the family box or the paid work box, but with a few unaccounted for hours on the calendar, I figured I'd give it a shot. As we worked through her "passion project," I thought about how I was using my skills (skills I too often underestimate) to help her accomplish something. I thought about how my input was useful, even when I didn't seem to have anything much to say. I thought about how significantly collaboration can change the direction of art.

I am normally in the mode of powering through, with the goal of completion, and despite our hours working, we are a long way from that. But the hours I gave over, to work not designed to bring in money or to support my family, reminded me that, in among the day to day, there can still be moments for the once in a while. In among the "need to," there can still be "try to," that set of things that may not solve any problems, but can open up our ability to think just a little differently.

And so, I go back to my work and family time just a little different than before. I return to the "need to" with slightly different eyes. And I guess that makes those hours, completion or not, hours well spent.

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