Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Reel Deal

We media types don't just have resumes, we also have reels. Whether we are directors or producers, writers or editors, people expect to see a video representation of our past work. So, realizing that it had been a while since I updated my reel, or even looked at it, I found myself pressing "play" on my YouTube channel. I'll admit, I was a little nervous. How would a reel comprised of soap scenes, promos, an educational piece, and a smattering of news (many of the clips in long gone video formats) hold up?

Much of the video is not the crisp, clean HD we now look at daily. Yet, as I watched, I was struck by the variety of projects with which I've been involved. I was struck by how the One Life to Live clips still move me, and how proud I am to have devoted my time to projects that were more about creating good than about generating money.

There is, of course, room to update my channel and my reel. But I remind myself that updating doesn't have to mean getting rid of everything old. I may feel far from where I was when I edited some of those things, but that doesn't make them less a part of who I am now. And perhaps, in some way, they are the reminder that being an editor isn't just about the fancy effects, it's about the feeling the work creates. Being an editor isn't just about the jobs you've had, it's about the kind of person you are to work with.

An unexpected glance at my reel gave me a welcome reminder of where I've been, and perhaps where I can go. Maybe a picture (or a video) really is worth a thousand words...

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