Friday, July 4, 2014

Clouds. And Silver Linings

Life is full of cloudy days--actual and figurative. Thankfully it really is true that some of them have silver linings. A few that I've discovered recently--

Wearing the comfortable shoes instead of the really cute ones may feel like a cloud in the morning, but it definitely feels like a silver lining when there's a downpour on your walk home.

Change in routine may make you feel very cloudy. Thankfully, the new things you get to try because your routine has changed can shine a whole lot like a silver lining.

Kids going away for part of the summer may make you feel that there's a cloud that just won't clear. But your resulting ability to focus on everything else can be a very worthwhile silver lining.

Not being able to find caramel swirl ice cream is a cloud. Buying caramel sauce to go on vanilla ice cream gives you a silver lining that lasts way past that original carton of vanilla.

Feeling always a little in limbo may be a cloud. Keeping alert in the limbo game--and in life--is the silver lining.

Every so often, responsibilities (even writing a daily blog) can feel like a cloud. Three (reasonably) happy children, interesting work, and almost 700 posts later, I can say for sure that some of the best things happen when you clear the clouds--and look for that silver lining.

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