Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Small Worlds

I discovered tonight that two people I know from completely different parts of my life are working on the same musical. And this musical is part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival, which also includes a production that involves yet another person I know. I guess it really is a pretty small world.

I used to think that soaps were a small world, where creative people and production people moved from show to show, so many (and yet, so few) moving around, but staying within the genre. Who knew that even post-soaps, with genres emerging daily and giant abysses where resumes are sent and lost, the world would still end up small?

I could say that creative people eventually land in creative places. Or that after a certain number of years working, I just know a lot of people. I'm not quite sure which it is, but I am very sure that it's nice to people with so much creativity to offer being represented, whether it's in theater or television or both. It may have seemed a small circle when I was working in soaps--understandable, particularly as that genre began to evaporate. Turns out the circle may include a lot more areas now, but it's still small. Small enough to say, "hey, I know him!" And small enough to know that the opportunity for opportunity is still out there--sometimes a lot closer than you think.

(Oh, by the way, the above mentioned musicals are Wikimusical and Cloned. Check them out if you can--I hope I'll get to!)

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