Friday, July 11, 2014

Out Of My League

I thought I'd be out of my league. I went to a networking event this week, and I was sure I'd feel really small and inexperienced and, well, just really small.

Turns out I was wrong. Sure, I was surrounded by lots of people who have done bigger things and have had bigger jobs than I. What I found, though, was that what makes people interesting--at least the people I talked to--is how they've handled feeling small and inexperienced. How they've made their way, and walked into rooms full of strangers, and believed in their projects, and strived for the best in the face of the fear of being the smallest person in the room.

I thought I'd be out of my league. Turns out, most of the time, we're all kind of in the same league, just at different stages. Sometimes we feel a little bigger, sometimes a little smaller, but we can always learn from the others in the league, and that's worthwhile, whether you're big or small.

I thought I'd be out of my league. Turns out my league is a lot of people's league. And I fit in pretty well.

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