Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ice Packs on the Feet of Life

There are days when I come home wanting ice packs for my feet. I am not a ballet dancer or a high-heeled runway model. I am not a construction worker or even (at least currently) a stage manager. I am not on my feet all day, but that ice pack sure does sound nice.

Chances are, most days, I would be able to stand the ice pack for no more than a few minutes. What I really want, I suppose, is a magic potion that will remove the stresses from my feet, and the physical and mental stresses from everywhere else. A virtual ice pack that numbs today when necessary, preserves--or resets--me for tomorrow if needed. The soothing thing that says "You're home now, you made it, congratulations, relax." And that, above all, forces me to stop, and just enjoy.

Most days, we manage fine without that ice pack. We make it through the daily challenges, and mostly, our feet and our psyches survive intact. But when that's not enough, a virtual (or even a real) ice pack is immensely helpful. It forces us to stop. And it has us up and running again in no time.

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