Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Making. And Un-Making.

We are on a mission at my house. Well, a few missions, actually. There are things to be found. And things to be organized. And along the way, perhaps the most important of all, there are things to be eliminated.

It seems as though every day, there are missions. We wake up and spend our days trying to accomplish. Perhaps a few of our missions are successful--we put things and people in their places. We make progress, or contacts, or widgets, or whatever it is we are supposed to make. Yet, at the end of the day, we return to all the clutter that was left when we went off to make those widgets. And since widgets (and contacts and progress) have to be made every day, the clutter tends to go untended. For days. Or years.

So we are on a mission at my house. Aside from whatever it is we make each day, we will attempt to un-make some of the clutter of years of making. It is not a simple process. Un-making, I have quickly discovered, involves a great deal of time reminiscing about the making. While our making each day may go (by choice or by necessity) in a straight line, un-making tends to be zig-zaggier, involving making what never got made (phone calls and letters about bills, decisions about supplies), reminiscing about what got made (wasn't preschool great?), and ultimately, hard choices about what is worth the space it is taking.

This mission, I suspect, will be a long one. After all, years of making don't --and shouldn't--get un-made overnight.

But there is still making to do--every day--so we'd better get the un-making going.

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