Saturday, July 26, 2014

Shelving It

We collect books. Not fancy books or old books or cookbooks or some other special type of books. Just books. A lot of them.

Among the challenges of keeping a lot of books in a small apartment is having shelves to house them. Thus, today was a shelf-finding day, a day on which to find shelves sturdy enough to hold the books, but affordable enough not to make us want to throw the books out the window.

Success was not to be. You see, the intersection of sturdy and affordable is a tiny one, and is not an intersection we encountered in our travels today. Our overflow books will remain in piles and boxes for a little longer. But the endeavor was far from a complete failure. It began with hope and teamwork. Along the way, it included discussions of dimensions and spaces and types of wood. And it ended with the meeting of other household needs--needs revealed only in the process of stepping back to try to meet the bookshelf need.

Accomplishing anything often takes more than just following a straight path. But when we embrace the twists and turns, we discover that the journey was about more than just the straight path anyway. Which means we would miss out on a lot if we just shelved it.

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