Tuesday, July 1, 2014

First Day of Camp

Someone I work with asked me today when I work on the soaps (that I won the Emmy for). I explained that the Emmy was for work I had done a year ago, on a show that aired in 2013, which made him feel better, since he couldn't figure out how I could possibly be doing that at the same time as I was working as intensely in news as I am now. As far as I can tell, in his mind, it was not a matter of the news/dramatic thing. It was simply an "hours in the day" thing.

It does kind of amaze me that a year ago, I was doing something so radically different, both in terms of its content (soap vs. news) and in terms of its effect on my lifestyle (train out of state vs. walk to work). But things change, and the most we can do is change with them. And sometimes along the way, realize that there are advantages and disadvantages either way.

When I was starting to write this post, my son lobbied for me to write about the first day of camp, which, of course, would have been the description of his day. Yet, as he described the day, what I saw was pretty uneventful. He liked it, despite whatever adjustments to his daily life it was having him make. He learned some new things and met some new people. And he ended his day at home, the same as on any other day.

So, as I struggled to find what about the first day of camp would be "blogworthy," I realized that it was not so different from my changes from last year to this. He rolled with the changes to his day, much as I have rolled with the changes to my work. Which probably means that he'll do okay in life. Whether it's the first day of camp or not.

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