Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happy Anniversary OLTL

Thanks to Facebook, I was reminded that today was the anniversary of One Life to Live.

I started at One Life to Live right around an anniversary. A significant one, actually, which had me wearing a formal dress for a party at Tavern on the Green about a month into my first job. Pretty cool, huh?

As exciting as my first few months there were--meeting actors I'd watched on TV, celebrating someone's birthday practically every week (or so it seemed), flipping through scripts while delivering them or marking cuts and changes in them--I don't think I imagined then that the place would be my "home" for as long as it was. I was there through producer changes and there through the move to another building. I was there on 9/11, and there during an NYC blackout. I was given a wedding shower and a baby shower there. In some ways, the show became as much of a family to me as my own family. And then, it was gone. Revived briefly, but gone.

Thankfully, like family, it left me with a head full of memories. Some are captured in albums full of pictures, others in the friends I still keep in touch with, still others in stories I tell my kids. It was a place that gave me some of the best times and experiences of my life--and in so many ways, helped to shape the person I am now.

Thanks to some friends, I was reminded that today was the anniversary of One Life to Live. Happy Anniversary to a show, and a place, that led me, in all sorts of ways, to where--and who--I am today.

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