Friday, April 24, 2015

Caffeinated Week

Through the magic of scheduling, this has turned into a week of coffee meetings. Each morning, I have ventured to a different beverage venue to meet a different friend or colleague, and for a combined total of over five hours, I have drunk coffee (or assorted caffeinated alternatives) and chatted about life.

Some of my coffees have focused on work, others on parenting, some, on a combination of the two. There have been days when the focus was squarely on me, and days when I got to focus on someone else (it can be a great relief to step away from your own issues for a while). Yet, each morning, I headed into the rest of my day with a little caffeine, and a lot of new perspective on life.

When I first finished One Life to Live at ABC, a friend told me to arrange coffees to meet new people in my industry (and other potentially interesting fields), and to network in general. Coffee, she said, was something almost anyone could spare the time and money to do, and an hour could work wonders for my career and my mindset. All these years later, I still find she is still right. This week, I caught up with friends from multiple eras in my life. I was alerted to new opportunities and reassured that I was not alone in parenting and life concerns. And I began each day with a mind more open to seeing possibilities.

Not every week will be such a caffeine-filled week, but the insights I've gained over these mornings of coffee will likely stay with me, and propel me toward my next coffee week--and toward all the things out there that are waiting to be found and drunk in.

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