Saturday, April 25, 2015

Thoughts and Reminders

I thought I led a scheduled life, because I live by school bus times and afterschool activity pickups and school vacations. And then I met a mom of a one year old, and I was reminded of what "scheduled" can mean.

I thought I was pretty successful at getting a good breakfast into my kids before they walked out the door. And then I talked to a mom who makes green veggie and fruit shakes that her kids actually like, and I was reminded of what "healthy" really means.

I thought I was fairly hard-working and ambitious, and then I met a colleague who was thinking new thoughts every minute and making new plans every minute in between, and I was reminded of what "ambitious" really looks like.

I thought I had learned a great deal about networking, and then I listened to other people introduce themselves at a networking event, and I was reminded that I'm still learning.

I thought I was a reasonably involved parent, and then I saw another mother playing catch with her son at the baseball field, and I was reminded that "involved" clearly means different things to different people.

I thought I was living an overwhelming life, and then I read posts about hospitals and journeys and challenges and losses, and I was reminded that "overwhelming" is most certainly a relative term.

I thought maybe I was doing a lot of things that didn't much matter, but then I got a comment on a blog and a hug from a child, and I was reminded that a lot of it matters more than I often realize...

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